Dear Jerome,

You made it. You’re 30.

For your thirtieth birthday, I’ve made a list of 30 things that I love about you.

I love that……

  1. You are just so, so weird.

  2. You’re the most creative person that I know.

  3. You inspire me to chase my dreams just like you’ve been chasing yours.

  4. You brought me out of my shell so much.

  5. You’re so incredibly talented.

  6. You introduced me to Game of Thrones even though the ending was trash.

  7. You have the best taste in emo music.

  8. You’re strangely good at board games and video games.

  9. You know what you want in life.

  10. You take Deuce out at night because I’m too scared to.

  11. You’ve helped me reach so many of my own career goals.

  12. You like sweets when I like salty so we never really fight over snacks.

  13. You make up weird songs and sing to Deuce.

  14. You are brave.

  15. You are funny.

  16. You have a vintage camera collection.

  17. You’re not quiet like me so you can do all the talking at parties.

  18. You believe everything is a mindset.

  19. You travel the world with me by your side (sometimes).

  20. You cry every time you cut onions.

  21. You’re on this vegan journey with me even though you love eggs and cheese.

  22. You and I can just hang out watching all the shows.

  23. You, Deuce and I have family cuddles every night.

  24. You edit your photos to be so moody.

  25. You are somehow good at pretty much everything you try that it’s actually kinda annoying.

  26. You’re so sarcastic that no one ever knows when you’re serious or not.

  27. You were a little trouble maker growing up, but still turned out to be a good guy.

  28. You can instantly make me happier even from just seeing you.

  29. You’ve stuck with me through all these years.

  30. You’re just you.

I’m a sap, I know; but I just don’t want you to ever forget how much I love ya.

Have the happiest birthday.

x Melissa

p.s I’m sorry I forgot all your birthday gifts at home.. (we’re in Japan right now)