I basically do a lot of the same things for all of my plants, so it’s been pretty easy to take care of them!

  • I usually only water my plants once a week. If I feel like they seem a little dry or if I stick my finger in the soil and it’s dry, I’ll water it more; but, once a week has been keeping them happy so far. I have a watering can from Ikea that I use every time, and it does the job.

  • Whenever I water my plants, I go around misting them all. I just bought a spray bottle from the dollar store, and I’ve had it for a couple years and have had no issues with it.

  • It’s always good to wipe down the leaves of your plants. I don’t do this as often as I should, but I do it maybe once every month. This helps with photosynthesis. If the leaves are covered in dust, it can affect how the plant takes in sunlight. You can use a little bit of dish soap with water to wipe down the leaves.

  • I live in a little condo, so it’s hard to change the soil, but every couple months I like to change at least the top layer of soil in the plant pots. If I feel like the soil looks a bit furry (from my dog) or maybe getting white I throw out around an inch or two of the top soil and put fresh soil on top. Sometimes mould can show up if the plant was over watered, so I change it whenever that happens.

  • I keep any plants that require more sun right by the windows. The only direct sunlight I get in my place is the sunset in the Spring/Summer, so my plants aren’t super luscious or anything, but hey - at least they aren’t dying. (Well, I’ve had some casualties and some brown leaves I pick out here and there).

  • It’s good to use fertilizer or plant food during the growing seasons. I don’t have a brand so share because I’m still looking around.

  • All of my plant pots have drainage. It’s important for the water to be able to drain out so the plant doesn’t drown. Even putting some rocks in the bottom of the plant pot can help with proper drainage.

  • My plants aren’t growing crazily big and haven’t really outgrown their pots, but it’s important to repot them when they do start to grow. Spring is the best time to repot a plant.

  • Every-so-often, I rotate my plants because they grow towards the sunlight. If they aren’t rotated, one side will grow towards the light and the plant can end up lopsided and might even break from being too heavy on one side.

I really love having house plants. I feel like they bring comfort and coziness into my home.

I’m always on the lookout for more, so if you have any recommendations of cute ones, please tell me!

x Melissa