As my 29th birthday inches closer, it’s been on my mind to create a 30 before 30 bucket list. I’ve already done quite a lot of things that definitely would have been on my list that I don’t think I can add because it already happened like: learn to surf, eat sushi in Japan, see where my mom grew up, raise a puppy, get tattoos, see the Northern Lights… Writing this, I have no idea what I even want on the list, so we’ll see where this goes.

  1. Fly Business Class // This will most likely never happen, but Jerome and I always talk about how we wish we could fly first class to probablyyy somewhere in Asia one day.

  2. Get Tattoos For My Whole Family // I’m working on this. I currently have a tattoo for my older sister and her baby, but I really want a tattoo for each member of my family.

  3. Buy A House // Lemme tell you, this isn’t going to happen. We haven’t even started saving up at all, and I really don’t make enough money to help get us to this dream.

  4. Develop All My Film // I have about 6 rolls of film and 2 or 3 disposable cameras I have yet to develop. I really gotta get on that.

  5. Read The Entire Bible // There are guides to reading the entire bible in one year, so this is actually an attainable goal. I’m terrible at reading, but this would be really interesting.

  6. Go Snowboarding // I used to love snowboarding when I was a teenager when my family would take trips to New York for us March break. I haven’t been since I was like 16, so I’d love to go again. I wonder if I’d even remember how.

  7. Get A Facial // This may seem like a weird one, but I’ve never had a proper facial before. I’m super interested in getting a hydrafacial or microdermabrasion, but I’m afraid cause I’m allergic to everything that touches my face.

  8. Road Trip From California To Oregon // Jerome and I have been talking about doing this since 2015, and I really hope we’ll get to do it sometime soon.

  9. Dye My Hair // I haven’t dyed my hair in about 2 years now, and I’ve been wanting to get balayage done, but I’ve never gotten around to doing it. Maybe because it’s so expensive lol.

  10. Take A Self Portrait Once A Month // No, selfies don’t count. I rarely take selfies, and I only have photos taken of myself when travelling. This would force me to be creative, even though it’s a bit scary for me.

11. Redecorate My Condo // We’ve slowly been upgrading some of our furniture (upgrading from Target to Home Sense lol), but I want to make our place into something inspiring and aesthetically pleasing to us.

12. Take A Self Defense Class // I’ve actually always wanted to learn self defense, but never taken classes for it. I think it’d be fun.

13. Get Fit // Getting fit is probably on everyone’s list, but I've been really wanting to be healthier and stronger especially after my heart issues last year. A mini goal would be to have a noticeable bicep haha.

14. Scrapbook My Memories // I’ve been wanting to scrapbook all my travels, but I haven’t done it yet. I find that having something physical is a lot more fun to look through.

15. Have 1,000 Followers On IG // Okay, to me, this is far fetched. I always forget to post on Instagram, I pretty much only take photos when away on holiday, and I just don’t know the secrets to Instagram at all.

16. Vlog // I actually like watching other peoples vlogs, so it’s been on my mind to do it myself. I’ve been wanting to vlog even one of my trips, but I always end up doubting myself.

17. Visit South Korea // I’ve been dying to go to South Korea. The culture seems so fun, but the only thing I’m worried about is being vegan there. The food all looks so good and completely non-vegan.

18. Watch 30 Criterion Collection Films // This is only on my list because it’s on Jerome’s list and he’s suckering me into watching them all with him hahah.

19. Have A Photo In A Magazine // When I was in school, I dreamt about having one of my photos in a fashion magazine. Now, I would love for one of my photos to be in a nature magazine.

20. Be More Confident // This is definitely a lifelong goal, but I really hope to doubt myself less by the time I’m 30. It’s something I’ve been working on for a while, but my fear and anxiety has held me back so much and I really want to change that.

21. Surf Abroad // I’m just a beginner surfer, but this would be so fun. Maybe in Bali or Hawaii. Even just surfing the whitewash would be good enough for me lol.

22. Go To A Drive-In Movie // My family used to do this so often, but it’s been a couple years now since I’ve last done it.

23. Swim Under A Waterfall // I’ve seen so many waterfalls, but I’ve never actually swam under one. It’d be such a dream.

24. Go Whale Watching // Jerome and I were soooo close to doing this but we didn’t. I would lovelovelove to see whales, oh my gosh.

25. Eat Lots Of Veggies In Hawaii // I’d love to go to Hawaii and just eat my vegan heart out. Imagine all the fresh fruits and veg, drool.

26. Use Little To No Plastic // I’ve been trying to cut out plastic more and more, but I want to be even more conscious about being plastic free.

27. Explore My City More // I’ve lived in Toronto for almost 5 years now, and I seriously never go out. I still don’t know anything about it, and I should really get out and experience it more.

28. Fix My Wonky Tooth // I had braces when I was a preteen, and now one of my top front teeth moved and is lower than all my other teeth. I’d love to be able to fix it soon because I’m very self conscious about it.

29. Buy A New Lens // I justtttt bought a new camera body for myself (!!) and would love to be able to buy a delicious lens to go with it.

30. Live Abroad // This is something Jerome and I have talked about for a while now. We’d love to live abroad even for one or two months. It’s obviously tough with a dog and work situations, but who know, maybe this will happen.

I’m v curious to see how many of these I’m able to cross off by next year. I added some that I know that I won’t fulfil, so I guess I’ll just add them into my life bucket list slash goals slash dreams. Hope ya liked this post - maybe you got an idea or 2 to add to your list! Lemme know in the comments, I’d really love to read them. Gah, I can’t believe I’m already thinking about being 30…. Time flipping flies.

x Melissa