After spending the night at the Bru Guesthouse, we packed up and headed off for our first real day in Iceland (finally). We were all a bit shaken by everything that happen the day before, but we just wanted to have fun and see the beauty of Iceland!

If you visit Iceland you g o t t a go see Skogafoss. It’s probably the most well known waterfall there. I still love seeing it even if it’s my third time! It was so fun to bring Ally to see a bunch of inspiring things in Iceland. Definitely recommend wearing waterproof gear; it’s so windy in Iceland and the spray from the falls will get ya.

There are so many places to stop and see things you’d never expect. We just kept an eye out for signs that had ⌘ on it because the symbol means there’s a “place of interest” there! We followed a random sign, and it led us to a really cool cave. The drive to get to it was like we were driving on Mars - black sand everywhere you look!

There are giant sand boulders just outside the cave. It’s black sand as far as the eye can see. It was soo windy though that it was picking up the sand and whipping us in the face!

Speaking of black sand, we obv had to bring Ally to the black sand beach, Reynisfjara. One of the most popular tourist destinations forrrrr sure. The waves there are terrifyingly huge. People have drowned at that beach because the waves are seriously powerful. It looks awesome, but you gotta keep a safe distance because it’s so easy to be swept away with the tide.

I can’t remember what it was called, but we finally got to see a spot I wanted to see. It. Was. Terrifying. It was crazyyyyyy windy. Like, the windiest conditions I’ve ever experience in my life. Ally and I literally dropped to the ground so many times to keep from being blown off the cliff! The views were soo amazing, but it was seriously the scariest.

There was a lighthouse built in I think 1910 right in the centre of the area. We made it to the top just in time for the sun to start setting and were able to grab some cool photos.

We spent the night in a hotel called The Garage. It’s safe to say that it was all three of our favourite place we stayed. It’s owned and operated by a family, and the lady was so so sweet and had fresh baked cookies and brownies for guests! Because the sun set so early, we stayed in at night and erm… did another puzzle lol.

We had a jam packed day 3 if you can’t tell haha. Day 4 was also a busy one, but we did take it easier than day 3. We started day 4 with a drive and pulled over at whatever caught our eye. First we stopped at a church in Vik to snap some photos.

We pulled over at Laufskalavarda which was a site that was destroyed in the first recorded eruption of the volcano Katla. Passerby’s were supposed to add a stone to bring a settler, who had a neighbouring farm, good luck on his journeys.

It’s crazy to think that parts of Iceland were once covered in lava. So much of the land is black, but there’s green moss growing on the old lava flows now. It’s beautiful and so cool.

I’m horrible with remember names of places we visit. (Even more so in Iceland because Icelandic is so difficult!) When looking for places to go see, I came across this canyon and knew I just had to see it in real life.

One thing I really really wanted to do was to see glaciers up close. Jerome and I went to see some our first time in Iceland, but it was soo foggy that we could barely even see 20 feet in front of us. Jerome found a different area that had glaciers, it was a major highlight of the trip.

Day 3 + 4 seriously made up for how crappy days 1 + 2 were. Iceland is one of my favourite places on earth, and I’m glad that I finally got to share it with Ally. It was also so nice having someone let me take their photos for once! (yaaaa Jerome!)

Okay, okay, I know this post was super long! I’ll stop now. Iceland is just too rad to not blab on about, kay?!

x Melissa