A highlight from our western Canada trip was canoeing on Lake Louise. (Surfing in Tofino was numero uno). Now, before you think, "oh my gosh I wanna canoe on Lake Louise too", lemme tell you that it is hella expensive! It was $110 for half an hour .....I know. For me, it was worth it because I love being on the water and we got some good photos. I also love making memories with Jerome so... ya hehe. 

The water was too cold to swim in, so you weren't allowed to jump in - I wonder if they ever let people jump in. The water was so nice and refreshing even to just dip your hand in. The lake is such a crazy turquoise colour, it's amazing. (in my photos it doesn't look as vivid because I add warmth in my edits)

When we first got to the lake, I was shocked of how touristy it was. Like, I knew it would be touristy but man, it was a lot. There was a hotel right by the lake and a full on paved area where hundreds of tourists gathered gawking and taking photos. That part of it was a bit of a bummer, but canoeing definitely made up for it because there's a limited amount of canoes and as I said, it's hella expensive so not too many people choose to do it.

Aahh, would it even be a post by me if I didn't include a vegan food place? I think nah-uh! This restaurant wasn't in Banff, but in Calgary. The drive from Banff to Calgary isn't very long at all, so you can totally check it out. The restaurant is a vegetarian restaurant called The CoupI got the Spring Bud Ramen, and it was real good. The Whip Dip (cashew to make it vegan) was the stand out dish. Their recommended drinks were good too, Jerome got an iced coconut chai tea and I got a lavender.... drink. I can't remember what it was haha but I remember it tasting like lychee even though there was no lychee in it.

Banff definitely lived up to my expectations, and is a really great place to visit. If you're thinking about visiting Lake Louise, you definitely don't have to go canoeing - it's a beautiful landscape even with all the people.

x Melissa