Happy Canada Day! Hope you had an awesome long weekend. I did! We usually don't go all out and celebrate Canada Day in my family because it's also my mom's birthday, but wearing red and white is good enough - right??

I've been into wearing white tees so far this summer - I know, Melissa in white?! - but it's true! I don't know what it is, but I've been reaching for graphic white tees way too much already and summer just started. I loved how these wide leg jeans looked on the model online, but they're shorter on me than they're supposed to be (i think) and they hit my calves justtttt where I hate it haha. As you may remember, I have fat fat legs, and certain cuts of pants and boots really make me self-conscious. But, yolo. Add platform red sandals to pull in a red theme - that's what real bloggers do, right?

Tee from Winners | Jeans from Topshop | Sandals from Forever 21

Tbh, this jeans didn't stay on all day because it was just SO hot and we were outside bbqing and just hanging out playing with sparklers and watching fireworks. My fave food lately is sweet potato - throwing it in the coals of a fire, bbqing it, baking it, anything. V easy and v delicious for the vegans out there.

This is was a short and sweet post mostly about what I wore for Canada Day, but I thought I'd share it anyway since one of my summer goals is to post on my blog once a week. I may or may not be behind already, heh.

Hope you had a fun Canada Day!

x Melissa