I’m secretly hoping that 2019 will be my best year yet, but I have no idea what to expect! I guess this post is gonna be a list of some of my hopes and goals for the new year.


  • I’ve been married now for 4 almost 5 years. My husband is usually away most of the day, so we don’t really get to spend that much time together. Something that I really hope to do more next year is to “date” my husband more. Meaning to be more intentional with our time together, and actually plan to meaningfully spend time together without being stuck in the routine of just living together.

  • 2018 has blessed me with so many photography opportunities. I hope that I’ll be able to have even more opportunities next year, and continue to build up courage to actually be a photographer. *Fun fact: while in photography school, I developed an irrational fear of being a photographer even though it’s my goal career.

  • I don’t know if this is a weird goal or not, but I hope to fix up our place into a space we love and are inspired by. Basically, I’ve been so bored of our place for so long now, that it just needs a change that we love.

  • I hope to be able to get back into fitness. In 2017 I tried my best to work out. I was doing so well until I fell off the wagon. Right when I was ready to get back at it, I had issue after issue with my health. I’ve been wanting to start working out again, but I’ve now developed a fear of making my heart rate go up that I just haven’t been able to work up to courage to start again. So for 2019, I hope to start working out again.

  • Anxiety is something that I’ve always struggled with, and I feel like it just got worse with my health issues. I know anxiety isn’t something you can just get over, but I do hope to continue to work past it and to step out of my comfort zone more in 2019.

  • I’ve enjoyed blogging this past year, but didn’t end up posting as much as I wanted to. I love being able to write about my experiences and having a place to store my memories, so I really hope to post way more consistently next year.

  • I also hope to be more intentional in my day-to-day life. I don’t have a full time job, so I’m at home a lot of the time, and it’s very easy to just waste away and binge watch literally everything. This one I think will be tough for me, but I really hope I can actually live more intentionally.

  • Jerome and I have had some talks about a kinda big thing we’re hoping to happen in 2019, and as scared as I am for something like that (sorry it’s a secret for now), I think I’m ready!

  • I have some silly hopes like: to add to my tattoo collection, to get more plants for our place, to read more books, to order-in less, to be more confident in myself, to experience more.. and so much more haha.

I really hope 2019 will be the best year yet especially because I’ll be entering into my last year of my 20’s! (Don’t remind me). I’m both looking forward to the new year and nervous of what the new year holds.

I hope it’s amazing for you and that all your hopes come true!

x Melissa