In October, Jerome and I had the opportunity to drive up to Northern Ontario to take photos of The Buffalo Farm for Escape Toronto. We were there from the 11th to the 13th. We always jump at the opportunity to travel whether it's overseas or here in Ontario; but, we were especially keen on this trip because it happened to be around our anniversary. We got married on a Friday the 13th, so we count those as a special day to us, but October the 6th is our dating anniversary and it was our 10th year celebrating (fricking long I know)!


We stayed in a yurt, which is round covered tent, for the two nights we were there. The property has 2 yurts and a teepee, and we were some of the first people to be able to stay in their newer larger yurt. There's no electricity or running water, but it is so cozy and has a wood oven that you almost forget about electricity and water (emphasis on the almost because we needed to charge camera batteries so thank goodness for our Jeep that has a socket).


In the evenings we would light every candle we could find, and open the door for the fire oven to warm up the place because it can get very chilly. We cooked pasta in the dark and brought a bottle of wine to enjoy by the fire - everything was by candle light; v cute for our anniversary, haha.

We woke up to everything covered in frost on our first morning. It was freezing cold, but man, it was beautiful. There's a river a few feet away from the yurt and all the foliage around it was dusted white. You can canoe along the river, but we didn't have the chance to because other guests got dibs before us.

The sunlight that comes in from the little window on the side of the yurt is insane. It casts the best shadows on everything it touches. We both took hundred of photos and kept saying, "okay, we took enough, we gotta stop".

The farm has buffalo, horses and cows. If you're a bit of a light sleeper the cows mooing in the wee hours of the morning will probably wake you up, but that's because they graze right beside the yurt.

The area around the yurt is so peaceful and quiet (other than the cows). It's a great place to just get away for a night or two and take a break from the big city. The yurt can sleep up to 8, but it's just one big room so be sure to bring people you like, ha!

Lemme know if there are any other hidden gems in Ontario that you know about!

x Melissa