From the 14th to the 28th of October, my husband, Jerome, and I traveled to Japan. I have never been to any Asian countries before this; so, I was honestly pretty nervous. This was the farthest I've traveled, and the longest I've been away from my family.


We went to see some of the most popular temples, and they are beautiful. With so many people, things, shops and food, we could easily spend an entire day admiring everything.

At one of the temples, I watched as an elderly lady stood before a Buddha statue, rubbed her knee and then rubbed his knee over and over again. She must have had pain in her knee and was trying to seek healing.

We had a few days away from the city and stayed in a mountainous city called Hakone. I have never really been by mountains; I was awestruck. We saw Mount Fuji for about 5 minutes before clouds hid it from our view.

We made a quick lunch trip to the Tsukiji fish market and had some delicious seafood. I'm a pretty squeamish gal to be honest; so, that wasn't exactly my favourite part of the trip.

We mostly stayed in Shinjuku, and it can be pretty overwhelming if you aren't used to being around so many people. There are building everywhere you look; the city is always awake.


That being said, there is still so much beauty in everything.

Harajuku is such a cool place. There are so many awesome vintage shops and some rad style. We were walking through the back streets trying to get away from the busyness, and randomly found the coolest coffee shop ever. They had the best coffee either of us has ever had.


All in all, it was an amazing trip. I can't wait to go back. I'm super stoked to travel more now that I'm more brave and inspired to take some even better photos!


These photos are a mix of iPhone 5s, Nikon D7000 and Sony A7s.


x Melissa