I know I'm not alone with thinking autumn is the best season; the cooler weather, the changing leaves, layering clothes, wearing beanies everyday - just to name a few faves cause there's just so much to love. And now that it's officially autumn, it's time to bust out my fall jackets!

I recently bought a couple new jackets because my brisk weather coat collection was seriously lacking! (I have one leather jacket that I wear 24/7 and have had for all the years that now has a hole in it that I can't be bother to get patched).

Is it weird to start off with my honourable mention? Yes? Well I'm gonna do it anyway. And it goes to my MEC jacket. It's waterproof, windproof, and great for fall. It ain't so "fashionable" and doesn’t match any AW trends, but sometimes you just need to choose warmth, non?

I decided that I needed to update my leather jacket situation - although tbh I'll never throw my Danier one away - so I purchased one from Zara. My first ever Zara purchase. Turns out, I love it. I searched long and hard for a leather jacket that a) was more on the matte side, b) the hardware (buttons and zippers) weren't so glaringly silver or gold, and c) had flexible material.

Denim jackets are popular now-a-days so I thought I'd try to hop on trend and grab one. Turns out I'm really picky when it comes to denim jackets. I wanted one that wasn't stiff, had some wear to it, and just fit right while still being slouchy. I bought this one from Boohoo because it's longer, has lining and is black. (Don’t mind how hideous it looks with my v long cardi).

Teddybear style jackets are super "in" right now. I got this Brandy Melville furry coat as a gift, and it's a bit of a bomber style teddybear jacket and it's cosy for a different take on the trend. 

OKOKOK, the best for last. My favourite jacket of all time. One of my most expensive purchases that I just seriously couldn't say no to. This was my first - and only - purchase from Nordstrom. A black teddy bear coat ........and that's all she wrote.

photos by: my husband Jerome


What are your favourite coats to wear for fall? Lemme know!

x Melissa
p.s I know my poses are super weird and awkward.. I'm weird and awkward so... Couldn't be helped!