Fall = nippy weather = cold toes = no sandals = wear all the boots.

Ahh, it's that time of year once again where I try to get my fat legs into boots. I have a few basic pairs that I reach for all the time, but recently bought a couple to add to my wardrobe. So I thought I'd share my favourite boots that I wear for fall!

Let's start off with chelsea boots; you really can't go wrong with a pair of classic chelsea boots. Everyone and their mother has a pair, so you'll just fit right in! Bummer though that I got these a size too small - I still wear them but just with really thin socks and for short periods of time, ha. This pair is from Little Burgundy; I got them as a Christmas gift a couple years ago.

I thought I'd try to add this Zara pair of more "dressy" boots to my collection, although to most people these probably aren't dressy at all (I rarely "dress up" nice because.. well... I don't like it). The stud detail and the shape of the toe caught my eye for this pair so I thought I'd try it out. The cut is a little higher than I realized, so to be honest, it makes my legs feel even fatter than I already feel like they are. 

My eyes went right to these boots the second I scrolled to them on the Zara site. They are something different for me again because my style is seriously non-existent. I thought: suck it up man and try something new! So I did! And I actually really like them. I usually hate patent everything, but the zip and ring detail was too intriguing.

Lastly, another pair of boots you really can't go wrong with is a pair of Doc Martens. The only problem with these is that breaking them in is a b..unch of trouble. I stupidly wore these around Tokyo walking around for 10+ hours everyday to break them in and had all the blisters; but, I just kept wearing them and after all the tears they finally got worn in. I know a lot of people tie these up all the way, but I just can't be bothered. I hate lacing up shoes so for these I just made it so the laces were just loose enough that I could slip in and out of the boot with ease.

photos by: my husband Jerome

What are your go-to boots for autumn?


x Melissa

p.s I rarely try new things fashion-wise but am slowly trying to step out of my comfort zone!