I know what you're thinking: 'This chick thinks wearing blue jeans is daring? PFFT, laaaame!'

Let me tell you something about myself: I HATE HATE HATE buying pants. Jeans, jeggings, leggings, shorts, you name it, I hate it. For my entire life, I've struggled with finding bottoms that fit my figure. I would sob in every change room wishing for something - anything - to fit. Everything that fit my waist didn't (and still doesn't) fit my bum and legs and vice-versa. Now let me be honest with you: after getting married, I gained 10 lbs. It all kind of happened in 2016 when most of the weight came. It hit my arms, waist and thighs. My New Years resolution for 2017 was to lose that 10 lbs. And I actually did it!

Cut to: Summer 2017. I was determined to try to buy new jeans. I was on the hunt for black jeans because for years now it's what I've been used to wearing (I love black, it's my favourite colour). I saw that Abercrombie & Fitch was having a sale on jeans so I went in thinking I was just gonna walk right back out because nothing would fit. I tried on a pair of black jeggings and surprise, surprise they didn't fit. I was about to walk out and when I came across a pair of 'Girlfriend Jeans'. I was kind of taken aback by how much I liked them because they were light coloured denim (I don't ever like light coloured anything really). I tried them on for poops and giggles ready to be sad about how it won't fit when to my surprise, they fit. Like, perfectly(ish).

I was able to buy 2 different light coloured jeans that day - and they both fit me pretty well. It takes some courage for me to wear them because they're so out of my comfort zone, but I'm slowly but surely getting more comfortable wearing them.


I know so many people won't really care about this post, but this seriously such a big deal for me that it makes me kinda emotional. I've always thought, 'I really couldn't give a crap about what other people think about my body shape. It's how I'm made and you know what.. it makes me, well... me'. I just wish there were more brands that understand that not every gal is skinny. Being skinny isn't a goal in my life, but being able to be comfortable in my skin is.


x Melissa