On the second half of our trip to the Philippines we flew over to Coron which is an island in the province of Palawan. We saw beautiful sunsets, went snorkeling, saw sunken ships, kayaked, got eaten by mosquitoes, and got sun-burnt. I didn't take very many photos while there because we did a lot of swimming, and to be honest, I was pretty worn out from the rest of the trip.


If you're up for a bit of a trek, Mt. Tapyas has 742 steps that lead to a hollywood-style ‘CORON’ sign that's on a hill just below a cross. We sweat buckets getting to the top, but there was such a beautiful view of the ocean. And there were hills on hills on hills! We stayed for sunset, which was so nice because we didn't have to go down a bunch of steps in the heat of the day. The steps aren't very lit at night, so be sure to bring a flashlight!


We spent a day on a boat tour that took us to different beaches and areas to snorkel. We brought a Sony Action Cam with us on this trip, and lemme just say how much of a bummer it turned out to be. It worked fine above water, but once we put it under water, it was just not capable of focusing on .... anything really. It was such a let down. Blurry fish, blurry sunken ship, blurry everything. Ugh... The worst.

The three last photos were taken with the Sony Action Cam: see how blurry it is underwater? UGH.
Hope you like this short and sweet post!


x Melissa