While in B.C, we spent two days in Whistler. When we first got there, I honestly thought it wouldn't be fun because it wasn't winter, there was hardly any snow, and I've always wanted to go snowboarding there. Boy, was I wrong! I loved it soo much.

We rode the peak-to-peak gondolas, and for someone who's kinda afraid of heights, I really enjoyed it. There was so much to photograph; we even saw a baby black bear. Everywhere you look there are vast amounts of trees and mountains.

There's not too much I can say about visiting Whistler because we all just enjoyed the scenery and the cool refreshing breeze of being in the mountains.

We met a guy who said he went to Whistler on vacation and moved there a couple months after and that he hasn't looked back since. I completely understand why he made the move. It is so beautiful and everyone seems so adventurous and free-spirited. The air is so crisp and fresh; I'd consider moving too.

If you're considering going to Whistler in the future, do it. Do it now.


x Melissa