This summer was my first time visiting British Columbia. It was so beautiful there. Mountains, lakes and oceans, forests; there was so much to see. We went to see a cute little lighthouse with such an amazing view. It was a bit of a trek that included climbing boulders, but everyone did it! We met a crazy old man who is friends with some of my aunts, and he said that we wasted our time because it was "just a lighthouse", but I loved the view and the hike to get there. None of us got along with that man, but hey, now we have stories to tell people about how annoying and insane he was!

Whenever we wanted to drive somewhere, we drove over Lions Gate Bridge. There was always awful traffic getting out of the city because there were no other routes, but the bridge is really nice, and there's also a look-out right beside it. We also got a view of the whole bridge from Stanley Park.

Finding hiking trails just outside of the city was so nice, as well as stumbling across waterfalls and little rivers. I feel like I've said this in every blog post so far, but you guessed it! I slipped while standing on some rocks and got wet yet again! It's just really no surprise if I slip or trip or fall because I'm seriously uncoordinated.

While on our way to Whistler, we passed by the Cleveland Dam and decided to take a look. We had no idea what to expect because none of us heard of it before, and we were all glad we made the stop. 

B.C is such a beautiful province. I would definitely love to go back and hit up Banff and more of the eastern parts. I won't sign out of this post until I tell you about this pizza we had though. It was sooo good! It's from a shop in Steveston - where they film for that TV show Once Upon a Time. Little known fact: I'm allergic to shrimp, but I popped a benadryl and had the best pizza I have ever had.


x Melissa