On the second part of our short trip to Portland, Jerome and I went to see awesome places suggested to us by people we met at Lionheart Coffee. First stop: Multnomah Falls. The drive to Multnomah Falls was beautiful! It kinda felt like we were driving through a Lord of The Rings film. Moss is so crazy looking - I love it.

Multnomah Falls is one of the most popular waterfalls near Portland. It's really pretty. I didn't know what to expect while visiting Multnomah, and once again, I got soaked. I definitely should have listened to the advice of wearing a waterproof jacket. You feel the spray from the falls just standing on the bridge.

I would love to see Multnomah in the fall. Imagine fall foliage around the bridge framing the falls. Aah, it must be amazing. Hiking a little past the bridge, we found a beautiful view of the Colombia River Gorge.


We were so amped from seeing Multnomah, so we decided to take a drive to Mount Hood. It was so awesome. One minute it was like a spring afternoon, and the next it was snowing like crazy. I love snow so much, so I was super stoked. We walked around Government Camp for a bit gawking at the giant snowflakes and drinking really bad coffee.

After getting a bit tired of the snow - it was snowing back home, and we thought we got away from it - we drove down to see Rowena Crest. It was a really twisty curvey ride to get there. I'm someone who grew up getting car-sick during every roadtrip, and I'm happy to say that I didn't get sick! We didn't know what to expect from Rowena Crest, and admittedly I thought it didn't amount to all the hype - but it does photograph pretty well. Then we looked over and saw a beautiful view of the Colombia River.

This was by far, one of my most favourite trips I've been on. It gave me a renewed sense of awe towards God's creation. I think we both loved this trip so much because we knew exactly where we wanted to go, woke up extra early every day, and rented a car - and to be honest, I felt like I fit in better with the people there than the people back home. We only missed out on seeing a couple things on my list, but that just means we can go back in the future! We met some really rad people, ate the best sushi we've ever had, saw tons of inspiring places, and of course, ate some Voodoo Doughnuts.


x Melissa